Holographic 'female' Steampunk Goggle




Introduction: Holographic 'female' Steampunk Goggle

When you say Steampunk, you say (Among other things) goggles. My wife wanted some 'non standard goggles'. The big challenge was: "How to create goggles that are really different". You really don't want to imitate, you want to stand out and create something original. Sometimes an idea is born instantly.

Step 1: Buy the Needed Materials

Since I don't want to disappoint my wife, my creative brain got into overdrive. I went to the Internet, looked around for the needed materials and bought a pair of holographic sunglasses and a standard 'Bronze plastic' steampunk goggle. The other needed materials are already in my hobby room, so when all materials arrived, I started modifying the goggle.

Materials needed for this project:

Sunglasses with holographic glasses (Internet shop)
A standard 'Bronze plastic' steampunk goggle (Internet shop)
Thin, 1mm Black leather (old black leather boot)
Thin, 1mm foam sheet (hobbyshop)
A few nice looking feathers (hobbyshop)
Strong & transparent (jewelry) glue (Hobbyshop)
2x short chrome (antenna) tube, approx. 1,5 cm, 4mm diameter
2x Brass 16mm M2 bolts including nut
M2 metal drill
sharp hobby knife
Pipe cutter
watchmakers screwdriver set

Step 2: Preparing the New and Replacing the Old Glasses in the Goggle

After loosening the screws and removing the holographic glasses (45mm diameter) from the sunglasses frame, the first problem was there: the holographic glasses are 45mm diameter and the glasses in the standard plastic steampunk goggle are 50mm diameter. Simply replacing them won't work.

The first thing I did was: cutting four 50mm diameter circles from thin black leather.
Out of these circles, I cutted 4 smaller, 42mm diameter circles.
As a result, I now had four thin black leather rings.

The next step was cutting four 50mm diameter circles from thin foam.
Out of these circles, I cutted 4 smaller, 45mm diameter circles.
As a result I now also had four thin foam rings in which the holographic glasses (45mm Diameter) fit perfectly.

The next I did was glueing 2 leather circles (one on the back and one on the front) to one 'foam and holographic glass' set. I did this with care, making sure that no glue is visible on the holographic glass and the outside of the black leather. Be patient, take your time! if needed, use an approximately 60 x 60mm piece of wood and a small weight to keep the leather 'flat' and in contact with the 'foam and holographic glass' set while drying.
Then I waited until the glue was really dry. For the second foam and holographic glass set, I repeated this step.

For the next step, I removed the original 50mm glasses from the goggle and replaced them with the prepared holographics glasses. While screwing the ring back on, I carefully turned the Holographic glass with leather ring back to the right position when they rotated together with the goggle ring until the glass became fixed in the right position. I repeated this step for the second prepared holographic glass.

Step 3: Adding Some Feathers and Finishing the Project

Then I cut a short 15mm piece of a chrome pipe (old chrome antenna) using the pipe cutter and used the strong transparent glue and glued the beginning of a few feathers to the inside of this tube. I repeated this for the second set of feathers.

When dry, I drilled a 2mm hole through this piece of pipe while the feathers lied flat on the workbench. I also drilled 1 hole on the right hand side of the goggle. Then attached the 'pipe with feathers' to this goggle (curved feather side on the outside) with one 16mm bolt and nut and placed the 'pipe with feathers' in the right position. I repeated this for the second set of feathers.

My wife's reaction made me smile and also finished this short project .

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    tinker bot
    tinker bot

    5 years ago

    Wow those goggles look great!! Very unique and creative