Home Alone Iron SFX

Introduction: Home Alone Iron SFX

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This look is inspired by the movie Home Alone when Marv gets hit in the face with a hot iron. This is quite simple and quick with only 5 steps!


- Scar wax
- Red face paint
- Foundation
- Blood gel
- Vaseline
- Pen / light colored face paint
- Paint brush

Step 1: Getting Ready

You should get into an outfit that can get dirty and put your hair up.

Step 2: Outline

Make an outline of an iron with a pen or light colored face paint.

Step 3: Scar Wax

Put scar wax on over top of the outline and smooth down the edges with Vaseline.

Step 4: Coloring

Add foundation on top of the scar wax and the surrounding areas. Use red face paint and paint near the inner edges of the scar wax, making a gradient to the center.

Step 5: Blood

Add blood gel to the edges and taper off to make it look fresh.

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    1 year ago

    Ewwww.... Gross. :)