Introduction: Home Automation Using Arduino Uno

Ever wanted to make your home automated? Wanted to control the lights, fan and other appliances from your smartphone? Or wanted a tutorial about connected devices and getting started with it? Android Home Automation will show you how to make your home automated using an android smartphone. This requires you to have no experience of android programming at all, as a free application is included for you to develop. Using this android application you will be able to control your lights, air conditioning, door locks ,etc all from your smartphone. This system uses Bluetooth to connect with your device and control the various appliances in your home. Have fun with this instructable hacking tutorial!

Step 1: Step 1: Tools and Materials

Hardware :-

  • Arduino / Arduino Clone
  • A 5v TTL -UART bluetooth module like : JY-MCU BT_BOARD (Cheaper) or Bluesmirf Gold/Silver.
  • Five 5V SPDT relays like : 5V relayPrototype board or breadboard.
  • Connecting wires.

Software :-

  • Arduino IDE
  • DIY smarthome Android App

Step 2: Step 2: Hardware Assembly

Step 3: Step 3: Schematics

  1. Bluetooth TX pin to Arduino RX pin.
  2. Bluetooth RX pin to Arduino TX pin
  3. VCC pin to 5v GND to GND Arduino
  4. Relay IN1 pin to Arduino D2 (Digital Pin 2)

Step 4: Step 4: Programming the Arduino


If you are new to the Arduino, it is a small board, fully assembled with
a AVR microcontroller. It is well suited for hacking and interacting with your environment. Many things that are hard with microcontrollers are rather easy with Arduino. Some of the advantages:

no need for a separate programming device (programmer)
comes with an integrated development environment (IDE) runs on any platform, Windows, Mac, Linux. easy connection to your PC with USB hardware is open source (but the name Arduino is not) has a great community More information can be found at the official Arduino website.

Steps :-

  1. Connect Your Arduino to Computer
  2. Copy paste the Home_auto.ino file or open with the Arduino IDE
  3. Upload the code to Arduino

Step 5: Step 5: Install the App

  1. Connect Arduino to 9v battery or computer
  2. Install the App in your Phone
  3. run the appliaction
  4. allow the BT permissions ,
  5. Type Your BT Module name (Normally HC-05)
  6. Password = 1234
  7. pair ok

Step 6: Step 6:- Controll Your Home Using Your Phone

In this Project I only use One Relay and there for we can controll only one device , also we can add more relay module and controll all of your home .


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