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Introduction: Home Decoration Idea: Paper Floral Craft

About: I am a passionate crafter from India. Making unique DIY crafts using recycled materials is my hobby and I love to share my knowledge with the world.

Hey friends! Today I bring for you a super easy to make and super fun Wall decoration idea.This easy floral decoration idea is the most simplest of crafts that you can think of. Enjoy and have fun making this super simple paper craft.

Step 1: Let's Gather the Material We Need!

Colour paper

Craft paper

A pair of Scissors

A measuring scale

A piece of cardboard

Craft Glue


Step 2: Create the Base

Wrap and Cover the cardboard disc with the craft paper using craft glue.


Step 3: Start With the First Color

Take a 5*4 cm measurement on the pink paper and make a marking and cut it out.

Start to fold and roll the square shaped paper to make a cone. Make multiple paper cones like this one as shown.

Start sticking these cones in a circular wheel-like pattern on the craft paper wrapped cardboard and completes the first base layer of the craft.

Step 4: Take the Second Color Now!

Now, take the color paper of a different paper and cut a square of the same dimensions as above and make multiple cones in the same way.

Step 5: Keep Going

Time to bring in yet another different color paper.

Cut squares of the same dimensions and make multiple cones out of them as done earlier.

Paste these cones on the second layer.

We have reached the third layer of the craft.

Step 6: Create Layers of Different Colors

Repeat the above process with different color papers until you reach right in the middle of the craft, down to the center and give a finishing touch to the craft by pasting a pearl in the center.

Step 7: Your Easy Paper Craft Is Ready!

And your amazing Easy Floral Wall Decoration is absolutely ready to add beauty to your home.

Step 8: Step by Step Tutorial

For a more detailed look watch the step by step tutorial on How to Make an Easy Floral Wall Decoration Idea.

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    7 years ago

    This is a great idea. Looks simple enough, and the finished look is really cool!