Introduction: Home Made Air Cooler Upgraded Version

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Hi, Friends i Just Came up wit an idea of building a Upgraded version of Cheap Air Cooler for a room, (its Cheap When U have things laying around at home & make use of them) you ll need to spend some money only on buying few thins like ( TEC Thermoelectric Peltier Module Tech-1 12709 ).

And this version is capable of cooling an entire room, Better than my previous version. This Version iv especially uploaded to all my followers & to people who liked it as there favourites.

iv uploaded it very soon as i din have time, there might be some missing points feel free to ask me i shall respond to your questions when free

Thank you..

Step 1: Here Are the Things Needed to Build Air Cooler

  1. (2 nos) Thermocol Box.
  2. Copper Tube 1/4 inch, 5 mts.
  3. Submersible Pump Head - 12W - 600 L/H - [Used in Fish Aquarium].
  4. Plastic Chocolate box Container.
  5. Old Computer PSU (SMPS).
  6. (2 nos) TEC Thermoelectric Peltier Module Tech-1 12709.
  7. 220 volt AC Metal Exhaust fan 5 inch silent mini fast.
  8. Aluminium Water Cooling Heatsink Block.
  9. (2 nos) Pentium 4 CPU Cooler

Step 2: Assembled Part

Step 3: