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Introduction: Home Projector Art

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Using point light is a great way to enlarge images and create a statement piece to add interest to a empty wall or canvas.

For my first instructable, I will share with you how I created a picture to hang on our balcony.


Canvas (palm leaf)

Permanent marker (Sharpie)

Document sleeve (Poly pocket)

Point light (phone torch)

Weights (kettle bell & bottle/s of water)

Stack of books


Felt pad

Hot glue gun + glue

Step 1: Select and Edit Your Photo

Pick and edit the image you would like to enlarge.

For this example, the photo was edited in Microsoft Word. After inserting the photo the image was highlighted and cropped using Picture Tools, Recoloured (Black & White 25%) and then corrected (Brightness -20%).

Step 2: Create a Projector Film

Just like the projectors used in the late 1900s: copy the image on to a clear film then project light through this to increase the size of the image.

Lay a clear document sleeve over a print out or screen of the image. Trace the image on to the clear plastic with the permanent marker pen.

Step 3: Select Your Canvas

Select your canvas.

In the example, a palm leaf was sourced locally. The palm leaf was cut, cleaned and dried (as flat as could be).

Step 4: Project Your Image

Using a single light source, shine light through the image on to the desired canvas. Trace over the projected image.

In the example, the poly pocket was places on a glass table with the palm leaf on the ground. An iPhone was mounted on top of books at the required height to let the torch light project an image that fit the palm. The projected image was then traced using a black sharpie pen. If you do not have a glass table, rulers can be inserted into the document sleeve and held out over a ledge under the books.

Step 5: Mounting

If the image was painted on to a wall, you are done. Although is could be nice to frame your work in some way.

In this example, the palm leaf was to be hung on a balcony wall. Therefore string was hot glued on to the back, just above the centre line, and a small piece of felt was added to prevent marking the wall.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Work!

I hope this encourages you all to create and share your own work.

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    2 years ago

    And today I learned a palm leaf makes an awesome looking canvas! Really nice :D


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks, yeah I can't stop myself looking out for fallen leaves nowadays!