Introduction: Home Remedies for the Flu

Are you not feeling so good? Think you've got the flu? Well here are some good home remedies! Now your in luck!

Step 1: Drink Up

Your body needs a lot of fluids when you've got the flu. It can leave your body dehydrated. Water is great! Also try tea, soda (I think sprite or 7up is the best), or fruit juice.

Step 2: Yummy Soup!

Chicken noodle soup is the best when your sick. It opens up your nose and tastes yummy!

Step 3: Be a Couch Potato

Don't go on your day doing chores and exercising. Rest up. It's another way your body fights infection.

Step 4: Get Steamy!

If you have a humidifier than get it out and humidify the room. If you don't have a humidifier than you can take a steamy shower or bath.

Step 5: Make a "tent"

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Drape a towel over yourself. To really open your nose up I like to add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it.

Step 6: Try a Warm Compress

A warm towel on your forehead or neck feels pretty good and relaxing.

Step 7: Suck Away!

Suck on cough drops to sooth a sore throat.

Step 8: Nasal Spray

Try nasal spray to open your nose up. I don't like it but it helps!

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