Introduction: Home Made Instructable Robot Holiday Greeting Card

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Eric kindly made a PDF file availble for decorating his boring wall. This template is perfect for making a Holiday greeting card for all your Instructable friends. First of all download the PDF file (here's the link )

Step 1: Transfering the Template to a Useable Form

Print off the template and scan it in to your computer as a JPG file. Then you can open as a Bitmap in paint! When you have done this you can then create your own Santa robot in glorious technicolour or change the robot into anything else you like. When you have coloured it in, (and it takes a while) you can then print it off into cards! You can use plain paper, cardstock, or if you are feeling very fancy - even onto photographic paper.

Print it as a half page and then fold it in half. When you print you might want to print the image upside down so that the fold is in the right place and the image on the left of the page!

You can add your own greeting inside and you are all set - oh yes you have to purloin some envelopes from somewhere or other. Maybe take them from less worthy greetings cards that you have left over from last year! The only expense involved here is paper - and print cartridges!

Happy Holidays

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