HomeMade Bass Guitar



Introduction: HomeMade Bass Guitar

Hello, I will walk you through this simple and fast instructable to show you how to make your own home made bass guitar. First I will list all the materials you will need to get this project done. Also make sure to have a friend or parent to help you out , it will make the process much easier if there is more than one person working on it.

Materials I used:

37’’inch WhiteWood
Bass guitar strings - Acoustic would work better.

Water Jug from Wal-Mart

½’’ Inch Screws





Step 1: Step 1: Cutting the Water Jug and Sand Down the Board

The first step you want to do is sand the wood down to where it is smooth, this makes it easier for you to add the strings. Cut the Water jug with a jigsaw, make two different type of holes, one into the body to where sound can escape and for room for you to strum. The second cut will be used to get the wood to go through the water jug, so make it as big as the piece of wood you have.

Step 2: Step 2: Adding the Strings

With the piece of wood, power drill one (or as many different holes you want to add strings) and screw in anything that the string can fit around on both sides of the board, then add the string. Tie each ends on the two parts that it can fit around. Tighten them both until you can get a solid sound. Also to achieve different type of sounds, add two objects to the bottom of each string near where you inserted them, this will rise the strings upward and tighten them as well for a louder sound that everyone can hear.

Step 3: Step 3: Add the Pieces Together

Now when you have your board ready and your water jug, slide the board into the hole you made where the water jugs nozzle would be, and slide it down to the bottom. With nails turn the instrument upside down (have someone hold the instrument for you) and drill the board to the bottom of the water jug, this will make them be held together.

Step 4: You Are Finished!

There you go, you are now finished with the bass guitar, now get out there and rock out!

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