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Introduction: Homemade Branding Iron

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This is my branding iron that i made for myself.

Long time i have tried to find suitable logo for myself... until i decided that i don't need one, because i have a name.

Name, i think describes in the best way who i am.

Material that i used:

15mm x 15mm mild steel square rod. 40 cm long.

35 cm 2" x 2" piece of spruce for the handle.

Piece of alumine pipe. 35mm radius, 30mm long.

130mm x 60mm x 8mm mild steel plate.


Angle grinder with and without diy stand:


Diy Wise:


Diy drill powered wood lathe:



Dremel rotary tool, with and without 90 degree attachment. ( i like its more finger friendly in rough working than flex shaft)


Video shows the process:

Step 1: Stem..

First i drilled 5.2mm hole trough the stem.

Then i cut it to the right lenght. And sliced it from the 7 cm distance. I used 1mm thick cut off wheel.

And splitted the sliced end with hammer, to the T- letter shape.

Then i threded the 5.2mm holes with M6 tap.

And shaped the other end round with angle grinder using flap disc.

Step 2: Handle..

For the handle i cut a piece of alumine pipe.

Handle is turned from spruce. From 35cm long piece 2" x 2".

Using my diy drill powered lathe.

After i had shaped the handle to desired shape, i drilled a hole for the stem with drill press.

Then i hammered the alumine pipe to the same end where the hole was.

Step 3: Goin Forward...

I engraved my "logo" to the piece of 8mm thick mild steel.

Drilled 6mm holes and counter sunk them, then i connected it to the stem with M6 screws and secured with M6 nuts.

Handle is secured with epoxy and hammered to the stem. ( i made 0.2mm smaller hole to the handle, than was the diameter of the stem. )

Finally i shield the handle with linseed oil.

Step 4: Decorating..

I decorated the stem with simple triangle shapes that i made with angle grinder and flap disc.

I grinded similar triangles with 20mm interval to every edge of the square rod.

On the first edge, triangles started 10mm from the handle, edges on the both side of it, started 20 from the handle, and the edge opposite it, also started 10mm from the handle.

That gives nices "spiky" figure. Finally i rounded it little.

Step 5: Engraving..

I draw a pattern to paper, wich in this case was my last name.

Then i glued it, using 1/3 water and 2/3 wood glue mixture. I soaked the paper through, so when it dries, it stays straight.

Used Dremel rotaty tool and tungsten carbide cutters for engraving.

I like to use dremel right angle attachment mounted to flex shaft for rougher working. Im old, or attleast it feels that my fingers are.. i like that right angle attachment is better to hold than flex shaft, when you need to press bit against the workpiece.

I engraved the lines first, then removed the material with rounding moves, so that i got 2-3mm deep relief.

This took about 3 hours, so it wasn't bad task at all.

Now i have my own branding iron. I hope you got some ideas for to make your own too.

Thanks for watching..

Stay tuned!

Tuomas Soikkeli

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    3 years ago

    I was wondering how you were going to get the actual metal setup to engrave (burn). Nice idea. I may have to build one myself for my woodworking branding.