Introduction: Homemade Breadboard

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Homemade Breadboard made from 28 pin socket and glue

Step 1: Parts

My breadboard is made of 28 pin sockets,but you may build of any other socket you want.
First you need is Socket(28 pin),small tube of super glue,and silicon glue.

Step 2: Conecting the Parts

Firs you need is to cut the sockets in half just like on the picture,and then you glueit one piece with other to build your breadboard with yours dimensions,my breadboard is 28 x 5lines and one for +suplay and one for - suplay like on the picture below.

Step 3: Soldering

Now colder the pins of sockets together 5 in line

Step 4: The Suplay Sockets (+ -)

the suplay sockets one for (-) and one for (+)

Step 5: Finish

All parts you may glue it on small wood table or plastik.