Homemade CNC Projects Part 1 - DIY Z Axis Slide Plans

Introduction: Homemade CNC Projects Part 1 - DIY Z Axis Slide Plans

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So you want to build a CNC machine, but you're not quite sure what kind of machine to build?

How much can you afford to spend on your CNC machine? Some are more expensive than others.


X, Y, Z Work Area:250mmx250mmx80mm

Max feeding height(mm): 65mm Machine Size: 450mmx350mmx390mm

Work table size: 250mmX250mmX80mm

Material: 6061+6063 aluminium alloy Stepper motor: 57 series ,2 phase,4 lines ,

3A new stepper motors Transmission unit:High strength stainless steel screw Sliding unit: X-axis=20mm round rail, Y-axis=20mm round rail, Z-axis=20mm round rail.

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