Homemade Citris Cleaning Spray​

Introduction: Homemade Citris Cleaning Spray​

What should we do when we have an empty cleaning spray at home instead of just throwing it in the bin?
In fact, we could refill them with homemade cleaning liquid made from orange peels. Thanks to this idea, we can extend the lifetime of our plastic spray by reusing it.
There is many advantages in doing homemade cleaning spray such as a healthier house & environment, an affordable cost, knowing what product you are using, an optimal security and a fresh smell.


- Empty cleaning spray

- Orange peels

- White vinegar

- Water

Step 1: Orange Peels

Add the orange peels inside the empty cleaning spray.

Step 2: White Vinegar

Fill up half of your recipient with white vinegar.

Step 3: Water

Fill up a quarter of your recipient with water.

Step 4: Shake

Just shake the recipient to mix everything and you are good to go!

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