Homemade Clarified Butter

Introduction: Homemade Clarified Butter

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Clarified Butter is commonly known as Ghee in India. It is commonly used in most kinds of food and is supposed to be an extremely healthier option to other kind of oil. In India, infants/toddlers/kids are always given food made with clarified butter/ghee rather than any other oil. And its usually always made at home. Nothing like Homemade Clarified Butter/Ghee.

Clarified Butter is made by melting butter and allowing the milk components to separate and hence the name.

When the butter contest came up, I really wanted to post this instructable of making clarified butter because I have been making this for my toddler like my mom used to make for me. After posting this instructable, I will be posting a few more instructables of delicacies made with clarified butter. Hope you like it.

Thank you for reading my instructable.

Step 1: Make Clarified Butter / Ghee.

  1. Ingredients: BUTTER. (Nothing else)
  2. Preparation Steps:
  • Take a pan and place it on medium flame.
  • Place a block of room temperature butter and stir it so it melts uniformly.
  • Keep stirring the melted butter occasionally so it does not spill over or burn at the bottom.
  • At a point, the milk solids will start to float and separate and a clear liquid will be seen which is the clarified butter.
  • Turn off the heat at this point
  • Allow it to cool a little bit.
  • Strain the liquid to remove all the milk solids.
  • Store it in glass container and allow to cool completely. It will turn into a beautiful yellow color.

  • Close the container and use it with clean spoons only. You can then use it for many months.

  • The Clarified Butter / Ghee is ready!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing. I'm so pleased to learn that making ghee is simpler and easier than trying to find the bought stuff in my local supermarket.

    sabina delpinoh
    sabina delpinoh

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, its so easy. Please do try and share your experiences. Thank you.