Homemade Electrical Heater/Diy Heater

Introduction: Homemade Electrical Heater/Diy Heater

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Anyone who knows a little bit about electronics will know  how does  the electrical heat work.Here is an article about Electrical Heaters .
Materials you can buy for about 5$.You will need:
-Old hair dryer
-Housing I used an old PC power suply
-Some wires
-Safety fuse
-Wire cuters
Part I
Srtip the hair dryer and remove heater and fan (usualy they are in one peac )
Just leave two wires positive and negative end.

Part II
Set the heater and fan on place you want, I left it outside so it doesnt heat the interior.When you gluit conect wires to fuse, switch and then to  AC sorce .

The heater is efectif in small spaces.
Don't touch wires becouse of higt voltage, don't touch heater you can get burns and 
electricity of the heater can kill you so be careful and follow the rules and regulations.

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    5 years ago

    I'm an electrician and I'm sorry, but your instructable is quite dangerous, I wouln't recommend it's fabrication.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yes it was, the wires were left open, and I wrote that is dangerous and THIS WOULD BE A LAST OPTION IN CASE SOMEONE IS COLD :D