Homemade Fan

Introduction: Homemade Fan

Collect the supplies shown in the image.


double AAA battery pack, a dc motor, a plastic fan, and a battery. Building supplies such as cardboard and hot glue

Step 1: Build Front of Fan Body

glue a triangle without the bottom, and glue the dc motor the to the top corner.

Step 2: Attach Battery to Switch

attach the positive wire of the battery to the switch

Step 3: Attach Back Legs

glue back legs to the body at whatever angle you desire

Step 4: Make a Holder for the Switch

cut out a area in the back leg to place and glue the switch.

Step 5: Attach Battery Pack

glue the battery pack to the back of a back leg

Step 6: Test Fan

the fan should be working. If the fan is spinning in the wrong way, switch the wires going to the battery and switch.

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Cool idea ;)