Introduction: Homemade Hot Rod Vintage Car Model

Hi, guys! I'm Anand sharing my new project with all you guys over there. I like making things out of nothing, same as i have made this "hot rod vintage car" almost out of cardboard and some more easily available stuffs.

Hope you guys like & be able to understand, the way i have tried too showcase.

I got inspired for the project by seeing the image of HOT ROD CAR. And tried to replicate it..

Following i have mention all the procedure of making with some improvements...

Things Your Need To Create Your Masterpiece

1. Cardboard

2. Water-based-Glue & Super-Glue

3. Rubber band



many more regular stationary items...

Step 1: Making Wheels

Here i have tried to make wheels out of cardboard sheets, or you can use toy car wheels. (see image 1 to last respectively)

1. Make a roll considering an appropriate diameter of wheel.

2. Decide the width of wheel.

3. Cut-out Circular disk out of cardboard, consider inner diameter of roll. And mark center point.

4. Past the disk on the wheel roll.

5. Add some thickness using cardboard pieces.

6. Paste another circular disk on it.

7. Drill hole at center & insert refill-piece.

8. Add some spokes design as you prefer.

9. Add rubber band or any available stuff.

Here your wheels are ready, paint it as you want.

Step 2: Chassis

Chassis is the core of the car, So i have used wood binding strips.

Take pieces of wood binding strips, split it in half through length, considering the length between axles and wheels.

Place it in order and make marking at intersection.

Make slots at marks and fix it using 'half lap joint' with some glue.

Add some cross members for strengthening it.

Step 3: Engine (Ignore It.. It Didn't Worked) Instead Make a Relpica of Engine

As i am studying engineering, i tried to replicate continuously variable transmission (CVT) mechanism.

My test model does worked, but unfortunately due friction, my design didn't take vehicle load.

So, i preferred to replicate a 'Super Charged Engine'.

Step 4: Body Drafting (Stage-1: the Cockpit)

Here i had no dimension of the part to be cut. So i roughly took some measurements and cut the cardboard part and attach it to its position, see whether it fits well, if not look for the changes and try again, again,.. I call it "trace-measure-cut technique"

1. Once you have separated the engine-area go for other.

2. Trace the outer surface (part of hood) cut it on cardboard.

3. Make some half-cut where needed for easy bending of the cardboard.

4. Roughly take some measurements and cut the cardboard part for that surrounds the seats.

5. Add cardboard that divides the cockpit and rear part.

Note:- Try to understand using the looking sequentially.

Step 5: Body Drafting (Stage-2: Tail-race)

Again take some roughly measurements and cut the cardboard part for rear portion & glue it on the body.

Paste some cross-members (pieces of cardboard) in between two corresponding part to make it more stable and rigid.

Note:- Try to understand using the images.

Step 6: Body Drafting (Stage-3: Front Grill Nose)

Cut the template, using "trace-measure-cut technique" and cut the shape for front grill nose.

For giving the width i have use some half lap joint card board pieces as shown in the image.

After making of rough nose grill part, apply 'glue & tissue' paste at the edges to make it round and let it dry.

Step 7: Body Drafting (Final Stage)

Drafting the outer body is important part since it cosmetic part of the car. Try to make is smooth. For making the templates use a paper sheet and try to trace the pattern on it, and further transfer it to the cardboard.

1. Take a piece of paper

2. Trace the outer surface (part of hood) cut it on cardboard.

3. Make some half-cut where needed for easy bending of the cardboard.

4. Glue the template on the body, hold for some time let it set.

5. Go for other part,. and so on..

Make door pattern cut it out, hinge the door back again.

For smoothing purpose, i have used "clay and glue mixture"

apply the paste on the body, try to make it smooth surface, let it dry.

Once it is dry, using fine sand paper and sand it for smooth surface.

Step 8: Power Train (Ignore)

Here i have tried to produce gear with cardboard. As shown in following images how i have made the gears.

1. Take a refill, glue some teeth using superglue, make sure it's teeth are at constant intervals..

2. Make another pair.

assemble it together.

Step 9: Attach Wheels

For front wheels, i have used G.I. wire (Galvanize Iron Wire).

Here i have used three wires forming a triangular shape making the wheels more rigid.

Look in the images for better understanding, glue the wires using super-glue..

Make sure you make it symmetrical for both LHS & RHS wheels.

Step 10: Windshield & Roof

For windshield take the measurement and trace it on 'acrylic sheet' cut it and glue is on the car using super glue.

You can use anything you want like thin sheet of transparent sheet.

Take a scrap paper and trace it on the car body for roof shape. One you have the roof shape cut it on the cardboard and glue it in the body with some cardboard pieces.

The only technique here i have used to make templates is to trace a paper on the desired part of car body and cut the same on cardboard..

Step 11: Paint It

The type of paint i have applied is water based poster colour with some water based glue.

1. Take some poster colour add some glue in it and water if needed. The purpose of glue here is to increase the life of paint.

2. Apply the paint and let it dry, It will take some time due to addition of glue.

3. Once the paint it dried, Add some layer of water based glue (furniture glue). As it dries it forms a glossy effect on the paint also it will protect the paint.

Step 12: Final Touch

Decorate it the way you like with the help of some graphics, LED's, etc.

Here i have used white coloured LED's for head-lamps and red LED's for the tail-lamp.

Add LED's and try to conceal the wiring. Add battery & switch to the circuitry.

In my case, i have used a rotary switch in the steering wheels. As the steering wheel is rotated, the lights glow...