Introduction: Homemade Mango Squash - No Artificial Flavours

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This Summer Cool Down with this Exciting Mango Squash!

No - Added Preservatives
No - Added Artificial Colours

This the Recipe is really simple and so safety first therefore no preservatives and this lasts for 5-7 days if kept Refrigerated.

So let's make this to Make this Summer Cool!

Always Remember Serve this - Chilled ! :P

Step 1: Items to Get......

Get :-

(1) A Mango! ( The Main Ingredient )
(2) Lemons!
(3) Half Tea Cup of Sugar!

Just this and let Begin!

Step 2: Slice the Pulp of Mango Into Blender

Slice the Mango pulp into blender and crush them a little with a spoon to make them small.

Step 3: Add Lemon Juice and Sugar...

Cut the lemon into half and squeeze the lemon to get the lemon juice into mango pulp. Then add quarter Cup Sugar and Leave Quarter Cup for Next Steps.

Step 4: Blend Blend Blend ;)

Blend it with 5 Pulses ! Now you Will get the pure mango pulp and It is gooey :D lol.

Step 5: Now Get It Pass Thought Sieve

Make it Pass through a Sieve. This Will ensure that there are not big pieces left in the mixture.

Now keep this aside. And follow next Step.

Step 6: Prepare the Other Mixture

This is the Mixture to make the Mango pulp Suitable to mix with water Easily and to give it a sour-sweet taste too!

So boil 1/2 Cup Water
Add quarter cup Sugar (Adjust Accordingly to your own Taste)
And lemon juice of 1 Full lemon (Adjust Accordingly to your own Taste)

Add them all together and boil until it's dissolved together
Now, Keep the Mixture to cool down at room Temperature.
( I was in a hurry so I added ice in to cool down early )

Step 7: Put the Mango Pulp in Second Mixture.

Now when the Mixture is cooled down.
Add the first Mango Pulp mixture and mix them with a spoon.

Hurrayyy!! We have made the mango squash mixture!

Always keep this mixture in Refrigerator .

Step 8: Pour Some and Mix Water!

Pour Some mixture in a glass and add some chilled water. Serve it to your Guests or Children or Drink your Self!

Everybody Likes Mango this season so try it out!

Step 9: Serve!

Serve this cool Refreshing Drink to your guest and listen people saying "Yummyy.."

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