Homemade Sandblaster

Introduction: Homemade Sandblaster

This is the sandblaster I made from lpg tank and it cost me about 35$ . If you know welding its easy to make one.

Its useful to remove rust from old steel or coating , also you can use its to "draw" on glass , wood or plastic objects.

Lets see how I made it .

Step 1: Cleaning

Open the valve and let upside down for one day. Then remove the valve carefully and add water to clean the interior from the gas , you can repeat it to be sure.

Step 2: Welding

Next step is to drill the tank and welding all connectors and the base for the wheels .

Step 3: Parts

Next step add the safety valve, manometer, and ball valves on it .

Step 4: Painting and Test

Last step is to paint it and the sandblaster its ready for use.

Adding quartz sand 0.4 to 1.00 mm and set the pressure at 5-6 bar .

Important: Full face mask with filters, gloves and uniform to protect yourself .

Step 5: Video


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