Homemade Sheet Metal Brake

Introduction: Homemade Sheet Metal Brake

Angle iron 120cm x 50mm x 5mm Square tube 60x2 mm M20 & M16 threaded rod with nuts and washers 26mm round tube 18mm hinges

Step 1: Make It

Mark and cut the grooves for hinges. for 18mm cut 9mm for each one.
Weld the hinges on.

Then cut the 2 edges of angle iron and weld it upsdown. Mark and drill 22mm holes for m 20 thread rod.

Weld the adapters on m20 rod and put it in 22mm hole with washers up and down and weld big spots on the rod or use a spring.

For the handle weld a nut m26 on 26mm tube then weld the nut with rod on the angle iron.

Paint with primer and with color you like.

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