Introduction: Homemade Shirt Face Mask Instructions

Living during a pandemic, COVID-19 with cases around the world and in places where cases are decreasing or increasing significantly, I know wearing masks everyday isn’t something you enjoy to put on when going places or expected entering 2020 but we can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by simply just wearing a mask as it protects droplets coming from our or even others mouth and nose. Though at some time masks were hard to get due to everyone getting it as the spread was increasing, did you realize you can create your own cloth mask with just a fabric shirt and few home materials that's still effective like the other cloth mask and surgical. Instead of spending money go find an old shirt you don’t use and make a mask out of it.


- Fabric Old Shirt 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester (any size, L was used for this creation)

- 2 Rubber Bands

- Scissors

- 25' Measuring Tape

- Optional: thread and needle (if preferred sewn sides)

Step 1: Shirt, Measure, and Cut

You will need scissors and a tape measure, if you want you can use a marker when mark before cutting. Measure the shirt “20 on both sides. It's enough to make an effective mask, then after both sides are cut off, cut the rest of the shirt leaving like a square.

Step 2: Prepare Cut Fabric on Flat Surface

It's a short step but all you need to do is to make sure to flatten the shirt after cutting, all sides are even and prepared for the next step.

Step 3: Fold Fabric

Begin folding the top to fold it down to the middle. Repeat what you did on top but this time on the bottom folding it up to the middle. Both top and bottom are supposed to look like what's represented in the image above when done folding.

Step 4: Fold Again

Just as Step 3, from where we folded from top and bottom, do the same thing and fold it again once both ends from top and bottom meet in the middle and look exactly like what's represented above.

Step 5: Place Rubber Bands on Both Ends

After finally folding, add 1 rubber band to each side of the fabric, and leave a little bit of room outside where we then will fold the ends in

Step 6: Fold Both Ends After Placing Rubber Bands

On Step 5 when placing the rubber bands, edges were left sticking out. Fold both sides of the fabric to the middle like what's shown in the image leaving the rubber band sticking out on each side which will be the earpiece giving it that rectangular shape.

Step 7: Final Look

Mask is done! But here’s another option if you decide to do some little adjustments.

Step 8: Optional: Sides Sewn

This is optional but if you want, you can sew both ends you folded on Step 6 then grab a pair of scissors and cut the large end that was sticking out after finishing sewing the ends. Go back to Step 6 and then go back to Step 7 second image to understand what I mean by cutting the end.