Introduction: Homemade Snowglobes.

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How To....Snowglobes.

Courtesy of Eric Prykowski


empty jar with lid
crazy glue ( or any glue that does not dissolve in water) small plastic
toys such as animals. ( these can be found in the toy section of dollar
stores, or in craft/ hobby supply stores) water glitter

Step 1: 1

Glue down the animals to the underside of the lid with crazy glue.
Make sure you have them positioned how you can most fully appriciate

Step 2: 2

Fill the clean, empty jar with water and a spoonful of glitter.

Step 3: 3

When the crazy glue is entirely dry- screw the lid back on to the
Before you turn the snowglobe over, seal lid to the jar with crazy glue
to make sure no water leaks out. Let dry.

Step 4: 4

Shake your globe and set it down in front of you.
Watch and enjoy