Introduction: Homemade Speakers

Many people use speakers to hear louder sounds. They are just wasting money but it still useful when there are occasions. But for me, i only use the homemade speakers made up of toilet rolls and two cups. Any kinds of cups. I used it when I am listening to musics. They are just like the speakers that needs electricity but this is rather smaller and it can only make the sounds louder a little. Like 50% of the sound that is made by the electric speakers.

✔️️Toilet Rolls

✔️️Two Plastic/Paper Cups

Step 1: Tracing the Cap of the Pringles to the Two Cups

It is very simple to make some homemade speakers. You need to gather a container of Pringles and two cups. Plastic cups or paper cups will do. First, you need to put them all on one table. Start with the container first. Get its cap and trace it to the two cups.

Step 2: Tracing the Phone to the Roll

Next trace it and get a scissor or a knife to cut it out. When you are finish, cut the bottom of the roll. Trace your phone at the side of the container. Cut it out and put your phone in it.

Step 3: Putting the Phone to the Hole

Then get the cover of the roll. When you already put your phone there, look for some musics and listen to it. The sound will be different because it is more louder. The sound is really different.

Step 4: Painting the Speaker

Finally, you can put some designs to your homemade speaker. You can paint it too. The homemade speaker is already finish. You can make it as a gift to your friends. You can display it in your house. You can use it with your family and friends too.