Homemade Sun Tea




Introduction: Homemade Sun Tea

This instructable is about how to make homemade sun tea, a form of iced tea. I hope you enjoy!!!

warning: This may not work in cloudy weather or in the shade.

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this delicious homemade sun tea, you will need a large container ( a large jar or jug), ten earl grey or orange pekoe tea bags, some lemon juice, some granulated sugar and a measuring spoon.

Step 2: Starting the Brewing Cycle

First fill the jar or jug most of the way with water, next add all the tea bags, some will float and others will sink, do not worry about this.

Next take the jar outside to a sunny place on a hot day where the sun will be for a long time. Do not put in the shade or try on a cloudy day.

You will need put the container tea bags and water in the sun for about 4-8 hours.

Step 3: Extracting the Tea Bags

Get a spoon that can reach to the bottom of the container and remove all tea bags, count how many you have removed and make sure that you have all the bags you put in.

Step 4: Finishing

Use any measuring device of any volume but make sure that it is relative to the size of your container. For example I used measurements of 1/4 of a cup but for a teapot of sun tea I would use a tablespoon to measure.

Equally portion lemon juice and sugar into the sun tea until you have the right flavour, then you can chill the sun tea and share with your friends or just put some ice cubes in it and drink it right away.


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    5 years ago

    There apparently is some health risks with sun tea, the sun doesn't get the water hot enough to kill any bacteria, but rather warm enough to stimulate their growth. Personally I've never been sick from sintrs, but.... There is an alternative! Put the container in the refrigerator, and it tastes just as good, and the benefit, it's already cold! Everything is the same, same times, same ratios, just cold brewed instead of sun brewed. Personally, I'd risk the sun tea if you really like it.