Homemade Water Fountain



Introduction: Homemade Water Fountain

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Homemade Water Fountain

Hi, This got me inspired to make something for spring...


Flower Planter with NO Drainage holes or other container with no holes
Polished Rocks or Stones (i used large ones and smaller ones)
Small Fountain Pump (salvaged from a table top fountain that was converted to solar powered pump from Harbor freight tools
Tubing or Drinking straw

First, Make a store run or hunt for materials (if you have some of the materials on hand) 
I Had the Pump,Tubing and Polished Stones & A Digtal Timer on hand

Bought the Planter and some clear Blue glass like stones 

Test Container for leaks, Pre-wash rocks or stones

Next   Assembly!!!!!

Place Pump in the center of container then start placing rocks around pump to stabilize pump, use smaller ones to fill in holes or gaps between the biger ones
 continue placing stones/rocks to desired height , fill with water, plug cord into a nearby outlet and enjoy

(I used a timer in this build  )

Total cost $2.14 with tax 

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