Homemade Fleece Neck Gaiter

Introduction: Homemade Fleece Neck Gaiter

These fleece neck gaiters are easy to make and take very little time to complete. They are great for keeping your face/neck warm in the winter.

Step 1: Supplies You'll Need

For this project you will need:

1. at least a yard of fleece fabric (I am showing what fleece I had to choose from)

2. sewing machine

3. measuring tape or a yardstick will do

4. scissors

5. needles for hand sewing

6. straight pins for pinning the fabric

Step 2: Cutting the Fabric

Cut a 20 x 20 inch square of fleece.

Step 3: Fold Each Square

Fold each square in half so it measures 10 x 20 inches checking to see that the folded rectangle stretches the long way. If you can stretch the rectangle around your head then it's folded correctly. If it doesn't stretch, then refold it the other way. This is important for the gaiter to fit around your neck.

Step 4: Pinning Together

Pin raw edges together to keep edges clean for sewing together

Step 5: Sewing Tube

Sew close to long edge to form a vertical tube

Step 6: Seam

This is what your sewn seam should look like (maybe yours will be a straighter seam...this one is a bit uneven)

Remove pins

Step 7: Turning...

Now pull bottom of tube up through the body of tube until cut edges match (This photo shows the tube being folded.) Pull it up until edges meet.

Step 8: Tube

This is what the sewn tube looks like after you have turned it inside out

Step 9: More Sewing...

Now sew around raw edges (make sure tube stays open) leaving at least a 3 inch gap.

Step 10: Turning the Gaiter

Now turn the gaiter inside-out by reaching into the opening (the opening left in the previous step) and pull the whole thing through the opening. This will put the seams on the inside. When it's flipped and rotated your opening will be on the inside in the seam that goes up the back of your head.

Step 11: Turned

This is what the turned gaiter looks like after its been turned

Step 12: Pinch the Seam....

Now pinch the seam shut. You will be hand sewing this opening shut

Step 13: Hand Sewing

Hold the opening shut and hand sew with needle and thread in small stitches until opening is closed.

Step 14: Sewn Shut

This is the opening sewn closed

Step 15: Finished

Now you have a finished neck gaiter like this!

Step 16: Wearing Your Gaiter

Now slip the neck gaiter over your head. You can pull it up around your mouth and nose or you can wear it down around your neck.

Step 17: Different Colors

Experiement with different colors and thicknesses of fleece! I love camo so I made me a pink camo one. The purple gaiter has two different colors of purple (another favorite color of mine). To make a two color gaiter, I just used two 20 x 20 inch squares in coordinating colors, laid one on top of the other when starting the first step.

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Question 2 years ago

can these be made with other material for like spring or summer use if so could you advise on what kind of material to use.


4 years ago

Hi - When you describe making a 2-color gaiter, you said that you used a 20x20 square of each color. Did you mean a 10x20 square of each, or is the finished gaiter different in size?


5 years ago

Thank you for this tutorial. Can you clarify, in Step 3, when you fold the square into a rectangle, are right sides together or facing out?


Reply 5 years ago

Right sides are together; you will turn it right side out after sewing


6 years ago

I made these a little smaller for my children. Easy peasy!

These are also great for riding and to help keep dust out of your mouth and nose.