Introduction: "Honey, That's a Red-Neck Dog Leash" - My Wife Said.

This is my first instructable!

THE PROBLEM: Is that store bought leashes cost $10 or more & they don't last.  Our current electric blue leash doesn't match my CAMO wardrobe either.  

I know y'all-r thinkin - what's a red-neck need a leash fer anyways?  

We don't exactly live on a farm, our neighbors ain't too happy w/ Whiskey poop'n on their lawns.


Sometimes I like to choke up on the leash & wrap it around my hand, keeps better control of the dog but when he tugs, the leash cuts the blood flow to my fingers & hurts my carpel tunnel :(

My answer is a 2 stage - CAMO - Leash with easy to hold knots.

If you can tie an overhand knot, you can do it.



The problem is that the dog has chewed through the leash & we haven't got the $$$ to buy another.  Another leash costs $10 dollars.

Rather than file down Whiskey's teeth, I chose to custom make a leash of 2 different lengths - together - on the cheap!  



A tape measure /  Sharp Knife / 10 foot CAMO rope from harbor freight for .89 cents!!!! / Click Lighter or Propane Torch (my clicker died) / The Old Leash

Step 2: Cut / Measure / Measure / Measure / Cut

1 - Cut The clip from the old dog leash and reserve the nylon strap for another instructible.

2 - Measure the distance from your dog's collar to where your hand is comfortable  - for me, the distance was just about 20 inches.

3 - Unravel the CAMO rope and measure out / mark & cut 2 lengths of double your measurement + 12 inches for knotting.  For my measurement it was 2 lengths of 52 inches.  There is a small piece of rope left - you can discard.


Taking the rope's cut end, gently & quickly kiss the flame with the end of the rope - repeatedly - until the end melts but doesn't recede.

While it is still warm, you can pinch it into a uniform shape then let it cool completely.


With 2 ends of 1 piece of rope in 1 hand, pull it through your fingers so you have 8-10 inches to work with.  

Don't worry, ass you tighten the knot, you will work it toward the end and free up the excess rope.

Form a loop with both ends and then push them through.

Work the knot, pulling the 2 ends, little by little.  

Pull the knot itself little by little until the entire knot is close to the 2 ends and is as tight as it can be.

Repeat this a second time and you will have 2 equal loops of rope.


With the Leash Clip in 1 hand, push the squeezed plain end (knot is opposite end) through the bottom of the clip and pull through about 4 inches.

Spread the loop that went through the clip & pull the knotted end through the loop.

Flip it over and continue pulling the knot until the opposite end tightly loops around the leash clip.

Pay attention to each side of the rope so that when all is tight, both sides of the rope are equal from clip to knot.

What you have should look like the last photo - a single loop leash.

A single loop leash is great for keeping control of the dog while you walk, he can't develop momentum to yank away from you or wrench your back requiring you to miss work!!!

You need the second loop in case your dog's got to go - it increases the clearance around your feet !!!


With the knot from the finished single loop leash in one hand,

Insert the non-knot end through the (finished) rope leash beneath the knot and hold as in photo 2.

In photo 2, the knot of the finished single leash is below & in front of the non-knot end of the second rope.

Push the 2nd rope knot through the loop and continue pulling it until it resembles the initial leash clip.

You want each side of the second rope loop to be on each side of the first rope's knot.

Pull taught slow & evenly so your leash looks like the last photo, tight & even.

You now have the ability to walk close to your dog to keep him under control or give him some room to do his business.

Also, it's comfortable to hold a leash by the knots.

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