Introduction: Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Gift Sets

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Here is something that kids can enjoy making as well! Give the gift of Hot Chocolate/Cocoa!! You can make them from scratch or use a pre-made packet. Add flair by using different presentations!! They possibilities are HUGE!! Make this for your teacher, school bus driver, classroom parties, co-worker, neighbor and more! Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Your Items

You'll need just a few things to complete this task. A container ( jar, envelope, cardstock), Hot chocolate/Cocoa (can be in a big tub or pre-made packs), peppermint, buttons, stamped sentiment and twine. LET'S GO!

Step 2: Put It Together

If you're using an envelope:

1. Seal the envelope

2. Turn so that the envelope is stands vertical, cut down just enough for the pre-made coco packet to show through the top. You can use decorative scissors to add flair.

3. Tie twine around the bottom and add a button to the center to finish.

4. Add peppermint and stamped sentiment.

And your done! (See the video for a full tutorial on other ways to make this FANCY)

Step 3:

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