Introduction: Hot Glue Gun Holder

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I run a STEAM class on the International School of Aruba. My class is the makerspace here. So I use a lot hot glue during the year. Hot glue is amazing. It works fast and secure.

However, with so many hands on the glue guns, their little standards get lost easily. Resulting the hot glue guns laying on the work tables, sometimes in their own hot glue, or other debris that you usually find on de working tables.

So I thought to create other stands that hopefully will last a lot longer. I also wanted to add something that is good to catch the glue drips of the glue guns. I used scrap wood to hold the guns and an old tile to catch the glue drips. (Those drips come easily of the tiles). You also could use glass, but I had it not around.


* scrapwood
* tiles (small ones, or cut with the tilecutter)
* some tools
* glue

Step 1: Gather the Materials

I gathered some old plywood and tiles I had laying around and then I started to cut them into baseplates of 20cm by 15cm.
Than I made a smaller plywood piece (18 mm) of 15 cm by 10 cm. These we will use for the standard.

Step 2: Making the Standard

Next step is to measure the middle of the piece so we can drill a hole through the wood.
I wish I had a hole saw, but I didn't so I used this step.
After drilling the hole, I used a saw to finish the hole for the glue gun. This will be the spot to put the glue gun in.

It's time to put it together!

Step 3: Screw It Together!

I used the little tile, to make a mark on the baseplate. There I drew a line to determine were to drill the screws in.
After that it's just a matter of putting it together.

I decided to give it some color with paint, just because I like it. But for the functionality it's not really necessary. So you could skip that step and continue.

Step 4: Last Step!

Use some glue to put the tile in it's place and your hot glue gun standard is ready for use!

I hope you like it and that it might be of good use for you!

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