Introduction: Hot Peppers!!! Custom Garden Name Stakes - TinkerCAD

I went Pepper Crazy. Last year I was watching Hot Ones on youtube. It's an interview show where the guests eat hot wings. I looked up pepper seeds because when I was a kid we grew peppers. There was a variety called 7-Pot Bubblegum. I thought that's so crazy I have to try it.... so I ordered some seeds..

long story short.. I found more pepper communities, ordered crazy peppers and got seeds.

Now I have over 20 varieties and its time to plant them.


I needed stakes but didnt want to buy a bunch of them and write all the names super small.


This Instructable goes over how to quickly make a garden name tag in TINKERCAD.

It is three shapes plus text.

The part is thin. When I print I use no raft or support. A layer height of 0.07mm to get good resolution. I have also printed some quickly at 0.15mm layer height

Step 1: Roof Shape

Take a Roof shape and turn it 90 degrees onto its end.

Change the length to 10mm

Change the base length to 5mm

The height is 0.6mm

Step 2: Making a Spike

Now take a Box Shape, you can align by hand or use the align tool.

Make the long length 25mm

Make the width length 5mm

Make the height 0.6mm

Click and hold the left mouse button on the background workspace and drag a selection square around both shapes.

Click Group or Ctrl + G

The shapes will change to the same color.

Step 3: Making the Spike Longer With a Tapered End.

Now grab the Rounded Roof Shape

Again rotate it 90 degrees onto its end.

The long length is 23mm

The width length is 5mm

The height is also 0.6mm

Select all shapes

Click Group or Ctrl + G

Step 4: Add Text to Garden Name Tag

Drop in Text.

Change the Text to the name of your plant.

Size the Text of your Plant so that it fits on the tag.

I made the height 1mm

But! I also offset it from the ground by 0.5mm

Export STL

Step 5: 3D Print Stakes

Bring STL into print utility. I have a Cetus3d printer and it has its own print utility.

PRINT STUDIO is really simple and works well.

I dont use a raft or support. I orient it in an axis of the printer that seems to have the least potential to be knocked off by the print head. This will change depending on your printer/slicer combination.

For the 0.07mm layer height stake. It weighs 0.11grams.

Step 6: Plant Seeds and Mark With Stakes.

Now I can keep track of all the CRAZY PEPPERS!!!

Just have to wait!


Ok so these are from my first batch, but like a cooking show. This is the result. It is also why I'm so into growing, eating, and cooking with peppers. They are beautiful, nasty, delicious and taste like burning all at once.

Step 8: Drying and Making Pepper Salts

I really like to dry the peppers and crush them in a mortar and pestle. I add salts and other spices to both help with crushing up the peppers and balance out flavors.

You can put this on just about anything.

One way to turn down the heat if its TOO HOTTT is to make it more salt then pepper.