Introduction: How to Make Old Turtle Beaches Into Portable Headphones

Okay so I am having a hard time publishing this, but basically I am going to explain how I made some old Turtle Beaches portable.

Items needed:

1: Turtle Beaches

2: Separate pair of crappy head phones

3: Soldering iron and Solder

4: Screwdriver (Phillips Head)

So basically I got a crappy pare of headphones I had laying around. I don't know if any of you care, but they were a pare of Califone 2924AV-PS-BL, not very good to say the least. So I took them apart and unsoldered the wire from the speakers in the inside. I was left with the wire, and the tiny motherboard. I then took apart the Xll's and unsoldered the wires from in there, and soldered the wires from the Califones to the speakers using the motherboard as a guide. It said L in and R in and L out and R out to signify the correct wires, also ground. I soldered the wires to the correct positions and put them back together and Voila! It worked! Now my turtle beaches are portable, don't require a power source, and are extremely light and portable! I'm sorry I didn't have a lot of pictures going through the steps, I didn't plan on making this Instructable before hand, I only made this because I assumed that other people have had this idea and haven't acted upon it, so I decided to share what I did. I hope this helped anyone who needed it, or gave ideas to some people. I know this wasn't the best instructable, but I like sharing knowledge, even if it's not up to standards. I am new to this :)

Now in the future if I am going to do any projects like this, or any other DIY project, I will definitely put more effort into making a instructable :)

The results are above. The nob adjusts the volume, it is from the Califone headphones.