Introduction: Hotline Bling Glitch With Arduino

Hey guys, so like the title said, this is going to be an instruction to a glitch projection you can make to dance to hotline bling! And the best part is the colour changes. It is easy and fun to use. This needs to be done in the dark. It won't work if there is brightness all around.

So lets get started!

What you will need:

A Lilypad

Crocodile clips

a light sensor

a resistor

A projector


Processing and Arduino on your computer

A phone with a flash light on( or you can use a flash light)

Step 1: Set Up the Code!

First you will need to run this code into Processing. Apart from producing the glitch, it also saves every single glitch into the folder! So you can have a record of it, maybe even a flip book or something for memories.

It is attached below.

Step 2: Set Up Your Lily Pad

Now you have to set up the actual light sensor! Take out your lilypad, attach the crocodile clips, light sensor and resistor as shown in the picture above.

Step 3: Open Arduino!

Now that you have your lily pad set up, get on Arduino and upload Standard Firmata onto your Lily pad.

To do that click


Step 4: Set Up Your Projector

So you will want to put your projector infront of a white wall for the best results, and also do it in the dark! It will look much better!

Step 5: Have Fun!

Get your friends, bring a camera, and of course your mobile phone. Stand in front of the projection and get ready to dance. To change the colour on the screen, just shine your phone onto the light sensor! Have fun and enjoy! Drake will be proud.