Introduction: Household Speakers for Any Phone With Built in Speakers

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This project is super simple meaning that it has no wires so it isn't that loud but it is a bit louder than usual. This is my first instruct able so I might be a little confusing but this is an easy project so you will get the idea. Here is a heads up..... You need to have an electronic device that has speakers built in and that it works too

Step 1: Materials

Materials required Paper towel roll or toilet roll(make sure it's just the piece, not with anything on it) 2 cups of any type I used foam but just make sure with your parents that you are allowed to cut into each one Scissors A knife (if needed but be carful). A pen or a marker(optional) And an electronic that has speakers built in.

Step 2: Get the Base Ready

Ok now get your roll and your scissors and cut a hole the size of your device. You can use the pen or marker to make a mark on where to cut if you want.

Step 3: And Now the Amplifier!!!!!!

Ok now grab the cups(that's what she said) and cut a hole in each one. make sure that the cups fit the roll you are using and also make sure it's not too big.YOU can also use your pen or marker to make a a mark on where to cut.

Step 4: Now We Assemble It

Ok so now you grab your roll and the cups and put them on each side of the roll. If your roll is to big but your cups can almost fit then just squeeze the roll lightly . Then put in your device and BAAAMMM. You are done.just remember that the cups are adjustable !!! Thanks !!! Tell me your thoughts in the comments!!!!!!