Introduction: How Do You Make a Charm Cuff Bracelet Pattern With Jewelry Wires

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Have you ever try to make a bracelet by yourselves. This tutorial shows you a kind of free cuff bracelet pattern, you can choose where to wrap the colorful beads and how to wrap them with jewelry wires as you like. You can wear this jewelry around you wrist, these bright colorful beads suit them summer well.

Step 1: Material and Tool Needed in the Charm Cuff Bracelet Pattern:

4mm White Pearl Beads

8mm Yellow Pearl Beads

Natural White Jade Beads

Natural Mashan Jade Beads

Cat Eye Beads

Glass Pearl Beads

Aluminum Wires

Gloden Copper Wires

Oval Pearl Beads

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Bent Nose Pliers

Step 2: Make the Main Part of the Cuff Bracelet

1st, cut off a piece of about 60cm 1.5mm aluminum wire, wrap it into a wide cuff shape and make sure there are two loops in the middle side;

2nd, wrap the open end with a piece of 0.3mm copper wire.

Step 3: Add Some Beads and Jewelry Wires to the Cuff Bracelet

1st, wrap some jewelry wires and cat eye beads to the place as you like;

Step 4:

2nd, keep wrapping more colorful beads and jewelry wires to the cuff beaded bracelet.

Step 5: Wrap a Beaded Flower to the Cuff Bracelet

1st, string 5 green drop beads on 5 copper wire, twist the wires and wrap them together into a flower shape;

2nd, add a pink pearl bead to the middle of the beaded flower, then wrap the flower to the cuff bracelet.

Step 6: Wrap More Colorful Beads to the Both Sides of the Cuff Bracelet As You Like.

Step 7: Here Is the Final Look of the Cuff Beaded Bracelet Pattern:

This picture shows the final look of my design of this cuff beaded bracelet, you can choose you own style of wrapping beads as you like. It's hot summer now, you can try to make one. I'm sure these colorful beads will make you fell relax and have a good emotion every day.