How I Cut My Hair at Home, Professionally☺

Introduction: How I Cut My Hair at Home, Professionally☺

Hi Friend, How are you? I hope life is treating you well on your side of the woods ❤

I am a licensed cosmetician and have been cutting my own hair for 18+ years now, double the time I've had my license. I have learned a lot through the process. I decided to share the latest haircut I've been creating on myself, because it is relatively simple and great for a wide range of retro hairstyles. Plus, I've been asked to refer my hairstylist to people because they like my hairstyle. So I figured why not show what I do at home ☺

Have Fun! Smooches &Squeezes, I L❤ve You

Step 1:

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    6 years ago


    Where did you get that hair clip for cutting? It looks awesome.

    Great instructables, maybe one day I would be brave enough and do it... hahaha


    Reply 6 years ago

    Sorry for the extremely delayed response. I purchased the hair clip from EBay. They stopped selling it shortly after I launched the video, I found an alternative I hope you find just as useful ?,default,pd.html#sz=124&viewAllProducts=true&start=92