Introduction: How I Improvised and Made a Paracord Watch

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Guten Tag, meine Freunde! This Instructable assumes that you know the basics of making a paracord watch. Its purpose is to show how I worked past a few glitches in the process, so mistakes don't have to be repeated. Enjoy.


Remove the stock watchband. Most watches should have this really neat spring thingy that you can press shorter to remove the rods holding the band.

Step 2: Modify Your Paracord

A problem I ran into was that paracord is too thick to fit in the watchband-rod system. To make it thinner, remove the seven strands from the middle. You now have "flat" paracord.

Step 3: Make the Band

Now slide the paracord in as shown and find a good size for your wrist. Keep min mind that the finished band will be thicker than it is now. Remember to test-fit the band after every step!

Step 4: Secure

First, tie an overhand knot on the strands as shown to secure it. Then, carefully, tuck them under the spring-rod thingy as shown.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Now use more paracord (not flat) to finish the band. Simple.

Step 6: Rollercoaster Proof!

I regularly ride rollercoasters, and I am paranoid of losing stuff on them, even though it has never happened. Just to be safe, I made this latch from a paper clip, thus making this watch rollercoaster-proof!

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