Introduction: How I Photograph My Wooden Jewelry

When you make your own jewelry or you want to sell your old jewelry making good photos for ebay or etsy is important. In this little guide I will show you how I photograph the jewelry I make.

Step 1: Camera and Tripod

I have made these photos with a DSLR equipped with an 30-300mm zoom-lens. This is a good combination to make macro photos with a blurry background. If you don't have a DSLR, that's no problem as long as you have a decent camera where you can manually set the focus point (This is important in the next step).

If you use your camera, hold it steady or use a tripod or something you can set the camera onto it to keep from shaking around and loosing image sharpness.

When I make my shots I try to stay in the AV - mode or Auto-mode which work well for me.

If you have more experience than I do, you can use the manual - mode, but there is a lot to it, to get good shots and it also takes a lot of time. Time I don't always have...

Step 2: Building a Setup

You can use just about anything you find around your shop to decorate your photos. As you can see, you can get very good results with simple materials and cheap lighting. I like using different types of veneer to make a I sometimes even use sandpaper to make photos on the go. If you zoom into your "set" you can hide everything around it and make your photos extra fancy :)

I use at least 2 light sources to make my photos (one on each side of the object).

You should focus on the front of the Ring or whatever you want to photograph to make it look good.

Step 3: Play Around and Enjoy Your Results!

Those were just some Ideas, you can try different things and give your pictures an individual look by making your own setup (for cheap!).

If you have any questions or have some good Ideas please share them with me in the comments below.

Ps: In the future, I will show you how I make those rings, so stay tuned :)