How LEGO Worked With Volvo to Develop a New Model

Introduction: How LEGO Worked With Volvo to Develop a New Model

LEGO develop new models all of the time. This exciting video shows how they worked with Volvo to develop a Lego Technic 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader.

Step 1: Select Exciting Vehicle to Turn Into a Model

Researching of images and selection of vehicle to turn into a model. It has to be something with a lot of functions, moving parts and gear wheels because that's what Lego Technic is all about.

Step 2: Brainstorming

The idea for the model is further developed with a brainstorming and sketching session involving the design team.

Step 3: Rough Sketch Models

The designers make rough sketch models that are tested.

Step 4: Contact With the Manufacturer

Once a potential model is agreed upon and there is a clear link to a real life machine, contact is made with the company. In this case Volvo Construction Equipment.

Step 5: Factory Visit

The design team from Lego visit the factory and meet with the engineers. They view the large scale machinery first hand and use their observations to inform the development of the Lego model.

Step 6: Driving of the Vehicle

The Lego team are very lucky in that they get to drive the machines for real. This helps them to further understand the model that they will be making.

Step 7: Development of the Model

A large amount of time is then spent developing the model and the unique moving components.

Further consideration is given to the alternative model, the one on the back of the box.

Step 8: Packaging Design

The final model is photographed and the packaging designed

Step 9: The Final Product

The finished model is ready to launched into retailers

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hello. What is the software used for taking pictures?


    8 years ago

    I've often suspected the reverse process to be responsible for the 240-series ;^)


    8 years ago on Introduction


    So, are you a Lego designer yourself?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Unfortunately not, only in as much as I used to play with it a lot as a kid and now Technic interests me