Introduction: How NOT to Brak You Phone Screen

You probably don't want your phone to end up like mine. So, I f you don't, I have ____ steps to help not break your phone. They are simple and easy and probably the budget is about $15. Not very expensive. Read the rest of this Instructable so that you will find out how NOT to break you phone.

Step 1: Step One: Wear a Case on Your Phone

You might just want to wear the case I put on my instructable. Or not. Phone cases can be custom, or pre-designed.

having a case for your phone is very good for your phone's external health. Also they're good decoration.

Step 2: Step Two: Keep It in Your Pocket (or Somewhere Safe)

Even though in the picture I do not have my phone in my pocket, it is still smart that when you are not using it that is somewhere safe. For example a purse, your pocket, and NOT on the edge of a counter. Because that last one is what broke my phone.

Step 3: Conclusion

to conclude my instructable, i'd like to say thank you to everyone for liking and voting for the epic fail contest, everyone that even LOOK at my instructable, and SAMSUNG for making such great products.

P.S. this is my VERY first instructable. but it was edited

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