Introduction: How Spider Silk Is Harvested

this instructables is about how to harvest spider silk.

During the summer months, spider webs cover every corner, and every open space of my yard. These webs are humongous, the largest ones being about 5 feet wide. The webs I encounter in my garden are webs are from several kinds of Orb spiders.

in this instractables i will show you that how scientist harvest spider silk which is used for many kinds of works.

MY name is Sayed Abdul Basit. and you are reading my instructable.

Step 1: Youtube Video....

in this will see the complete process of harvesting spider silk.

Step 2: Spiders...

there are diffrent kinds of spider which makes good silk for collecting like..

1) golden orb spider,

2) black and yellow orb spider,

3) crab orb spider,

4) orchard spider,

Step 3: Process of Harvesting...

the spider is sedated with carbon dioxide and the limbs are pinned down,

then the harvesting starts.

Step 4: Uses of Spider Silk,,,

spider silk can be used in fishing nets,bulletproof vests and artificial human skin.

Step 5: THANKING...

thanks for you time for this instructable..

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