Introduction: How to Assemble DOD Guitar Pedal Battery Cover Replacement

Many vintage DOD Guitar Pedals are missing battery covers in this tutorial I will show you how to assemble the replacement kit from

Step 1: Order the Kit, Gather the Tools

Head over to and order the appropriate kit. There are two options for Lip style pedals and for the Hinge Style. The following tutorial is for hinge style. The assembly process is identical.

Once your parts arrive you will need a little bit of acetone ( clear nail polish remover ) and a qtip.
Also you will need some heavy duty clips and nail cutters.

Step 2: Spring and Slider

First place the spring in the bottom of the lid cavity with the little bump tab up

Step 3: Insert the Slider

Insert the slider with square side facing towards the outside, and a smaller triangular notch facing towards you. Make sure it is flat in the cavity and that the spring is under slight tension. Be careful as to not loose the spring because it can jump out from slight miss alignment.

Step 4: Acetone That Baby Shut

Here is where acetone comes in. Acetone melts plastic so be extremely careful as to not spill it on any of the moving parts of the slider. Dab VERY LITTLE on the qtip and run a line in the outside wall of the slider cavity. Obviously you want to have the slider and spring move so avoid any acetone there.

Run it twice on each side, but use very little, only gleaning the surface, a drop of visible liquid will be TOO MUCH.

Step 5: Quickly Attach Slider Cover and Crimp

Quickly and carefully place the slider cover with 2 pointy ends up over the slider assembly.

Press down do that the sides become flat and pressed all the way towards the lid part.

Not clamp with metal clips or press down with your fingers on a flat surface and give the acetone 5 minutes to evaporate and plastic to solidify.

Step 6: Check Your Work

Make sure the slider cover is perfectly flat. Apply little more acetone if visible gap is present but only on the sides.

Step 7: Clip the Tab

Clip the little tab from the top of the slider using nail clippers, generally you can just create a score line and then bend it till it breaks off. While supporting the newly glued pieces.


Step 8: Let the Glue Set and Admire Your Work

Make sure the slider still works and that the pieces appear to be flush and solid. Unclamp after 10 minutes.

Step 9: Finished.

Install the bottom bar where the hinge pin normally goes and your new lid is ready to rock. The DOD pedal is now more valuable and aesthetically more pleasing to look at.

Order assembled parts and more from