Introduction: How to Backup Your Collectible Card Games (CCG) With Business Cards

If you love playing card games as well as buy/sell/trade/collect this is a great idea that will keep your collectible cards intact.

As a collector, I want my stuff intact and in the most perfect condition. I buy cards to collect and play but you can't do both unless you and your friend have powers of telekinesis so you don't manhandle and wear out your cards.

So I started making copies of the originals for playing purposes only. Now if a card gets really damaged (specially the hard to get), It doesn't hurt that much.

So this is what you need to get started:

1. Original playing cards:

Or you can go online and search for your set checklist and copy the stats.

2. Computer Scanner:

Set it at the highest possible resolution or at your printer's resolution. But, What if you get a better printer later?

3. Color Printer:

Inkjet/Deskjet/Laser any of these will do. The finish looks way better than the originals once you spray the glossy clear on them.

4. Labels ( 2 x 8.5 inches ):

Download the template from

5. Clear Matte Finish Spray Can:

From your local hardware store/Walmart

6. Glossy Finish Spray Can:

From your local hardware store/Walmart

7. Cutting Knife:

From your local hardware store/Walmart

8. Image Editing Software:

I used Photoshop CS2 because I am pro on it :).

9. Lots of Business Cards:

You can order 500 for about $9.99 + tax + shipping ( $6 ) = $16 bucks from and you can add your own logo. Make sure not to put anything on the back side of the card because you will be covering it with the label and is going to cost you even more.

Or you can find them at the swap meet, any business, just walk in and take them --they are free but is not going to have your own logo and you are going to spend on twice the ink/labels/time/etc..

Step 1: Create Your Cards for Print

In the image, I am customizing the card with my own artwork. I will be backing up my Marvel OverPower CCG. If you like my artwork please checkout my Youtube channel Magnetic Art Master

Step 2: Place Your Printed Labels on the Business Cards

If you got the labels from a company other than your own and the back is blank, I suggest you put the card label on top of the blank side (usually non-glossy) and your logo label on top of the printed side of the business card.

Step 3: Trim Your Cards If Necessary

Original Cards don't scale proportionately with business cards. Most collectible cards scale to 2 x 2.75 inches and business cards are 2 x 3.5 inches. But if you were smart and created them yourself to the exact business card side then you just saved yourself this step.

Step 4: Apply the Finish on Your Cards

Spray the cards with the clear matte finish so that it soaks into the paper. Wait until is dry to the touch. Then spray a coat of glossy finish. Wait until is dry to the touch. Finally spray one more time with the glossy finish. The results are impressive. The gloss makes the artwork stand out in almost 3D.

Thank you for viewing my Instructable. I hope you guys liked it. If you did, please support my Youtube channel by subscribing.