How to Build a Raised Garden Bed CHEAP!

Introduction: How to Build a Raised Garden Bed CHEAP!

I show you how to Build A Raised Garden Bed CHEAP! 
I spend ZERO Dollars on materials (with exception of the dirt).

Jump To (works on YouTube only):
0:01 - Building Plans
0:20 - Layout (I use the long boards as strait edges for layout)
1:24 - Deciding What Size To Make It
1:50 - Putting Together The First Sides
2:00 - Review Screws
4:17 - How To: Add Live Weeds Under The Dirt
4:41 - Cardboard Under Lining
5:40 - Adding Top Soil!!!
5:58 - Compost Added Under The Top Soil
6:54 - Stop To Smell The Roses....  :)
7:30 - Last Wheelbarrow Load Of Dirt
7:52 - Project Summary Review

As most of you know, I like to build everything that I can from reclaimed materials.  I am able to show you how build a raised garden bed cheap, from reclaimed wood that my neighbor was going to throw out.  Previous to making this video I pulled out all of the nails that were in the boards and prepped them for use. 

During the build process of the raised garden bed, you can see that I take away any of the detailed calculations by laying the boards out on the ground and using them as a strait edge.  There was no need for a lengthy layout process here.

I went through the yard and existing raised garden and pulled allot of weeds and placed them in the end of the new garden bed that would get the most topsoil cover.  After laying in the weeds, I covered them with cardboard to prevent them from sprouting through the new dirt and to allow the weeds to fully compost.  I'm certain, by the time that the cardboard decomposes, the weeds will be nicely composted and ready to till into the soil.

After filling the raised garden bed up with topsoil that I purchased from a local supplier in bulk, I will need to do a soil test to figure out what type of fertilizer and additives to add to the soil.  Because the level of wood chips in the mix, I'm certain I will need to do something to replace the nitrogen and the wood chips will rob the soil of much nitrogen.

I hope that this video has been helpful in showing you how to build a raised garden bed for cheap.  As you can see, this really is no science but rather just use of some common sense. 

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    7 years ago

    Try lining the bed with a black plastic tarp or garden bed lining material to prevent chemicals from leeching into soil.

    Wantashi Na
    Wantashi Na

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great job More folks should do this , bagging lawn scraps and waiting for the recycle truck would be a lot easier and smarter to make a compost pile and turn it over with a pitch fork, after running them over with the lawnmower on more time then add it to your garden and get healthy food that you know where it came from.........Salut,,:o)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    So I like the idea of reclaimed lumber...However I do have a question. Does treated deck material pose a threat to the soil? I've heard people say be careful of what you use in building a compost bin due to the chemicals leaching into the soil and I was wondering if the same might be true of raised beds. I was also considering using reclaimed hardwood flooring but the same questions arose.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You are so correct about treated lumber! That said, here is my reasoning...I would not go and buy treated lumber from the store...sometimes when you get that stuff it's dripping wet with chemical. This is old deck board that has been weathered for years and I say it's the lessor of two evils in my mind. I don't have the money to go and buy new (not that I want to) but because of using/reusing the resources that I have I'm also feeding my family for cheaper than going to the market and teaching the girls how to grow their own food too. So, that is some insight into my thoughts of using reclaimed wood for this project. If you follow me on YouTube you will get to see some of my other reclaimed wood projects too. :) Hope that helps, Wayne.