Introduction: How-To Clear the Cache of Your Android the Technical and Better Way!

You want to install your favourite app but find that your phone is just out of space. You try installing all the chinese cleaner apps but none work.
To clear the space used for storing temporary files a.k.a Cache, you can use a recovery loaded onto your android device.
This recovery is similar to the BIOS on a laptop or a computer.
In this instructable, I will be using Carliv Touch Recovery v2.7.
You can find unique instructions for installing CTR on your device.

I will not take any responsibility of bricking/wasting your phone, so make sure you know the basics and make a complete backup of your phone.

Step 1: Installing the Recovery

You can flash your phone or use installers which may need root.
Search google and you can easily install the recovery.

Step 2: Booting Into Recovery

Turn off your phone by normal off method.
Once your phone is completely shut off.
Press the power/lock button of your phone along with the Volume+/ VolumeUp button. for about 5 seconds.

Step 3: Once Into Recovery

Follow the pics and click the buttons doodled

We will be clearing the cache and the dalvik cache.
once done, reboot your phone.

Step 4: Enjoy a Faster Phone.

You will find a screen saying "Android Upgrading" and your phone will boot up within a minute or two.

And there you go! you have actually cleared trash from your phone, and repeat the process every month if possible.