Introduction: How to Create a Book Christmas Tree

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This is how to make a simple book tree. It is easy to make and fits into any room perfectly! Just find an empty space, some books, and get started! (Read Below For More Info)

Since this project is a bit similar to another, I decided to give them credit also! Even though it is an old post, I wanted to give them credit! :) If you want to know how to make a star for it, and/or a magazine angel, post it in the comments!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

In this Instructable you will need:

Books (Amount varies by the size of your tree.)

Judgmental Cat (Optional)

Laundry Bin (Optional, its main use is to help create a circle for your tree)

Lights! :D (Optional)

All you really need are the books!

Step 2: Decide Where You Want the Tree to Go

The whole point of this is to spice up your room; right!?! Find a cluttered, mostly useless area, and clean it up. Then, find the center of it, and place your laundry bin.

If you decided not to use one, that's okay, just find the center of the area, and place a book around 10in (Or about 25 Centimeters) away from the center.

Step 3: The First Layer

Place your books as shown in the picture above. Continue this in a complete rotation around your laundry bin or around the 'starting' book your originally put. (If you decided not to use a laundry bin.)

Step 4: The Secound Layer

Now you can remove to laundry bin. (If you decided to use it.) After removing it, it's time to add your next layer of books. Place the secound layer of books, having their tips in between the spaces of the first layer of the books. (Look at picture above for reference!)

Step 5: Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Repeat the process of putting the book's tips in between each other. This creates an illusion that makes it looks like the tips of a tree's points.

Step 6: Knowing When to Stop

As shown in the pictures above, there is a hole in the middle. As you place books, try to cover the middle too. As shown in the picture with the smaller hole, that is when you should stop. Just add a book to cover it.

Step 7: Time for the Lights

After adding the last few books on top, time to add the lights. You can either wrap the lights around, or place them however you like. Though I recommend wrapping the lights around because it provides an equal distribution of light. (That sounded snazzy, right? XD)

Step 8: How the Process Goes

Just some pictures of the progress, if you need some reference.

Step 9: Time for the CAT (Skip If You Decided Not to Use an Animal)

Grab your sassy lil' critter, and place him/her in front of your tree. If it looks slightly demonic, and is looking at it, that means it is bad. If it looks like it took one too many shots and someone it doesn't like walked in and it is looking away, then you have done it! It is looking away because the fact that you could do it annoys it.

Step 10: Ta-Da! You're Done!

Shut off the lights and enjoy your beautiful book Christmas tree! :D