How to Determine Which Android TV Stick Is for You

Introduction: How to Determine Which Android TV Stick Is for You

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Android TV sticks are getting better and better while getting cheaper and cheaper. The thing is, there are a lot of Android TV dongles out on the market. One stick for Android TV might appear similar to a separate dongle for Android TV, but the minor differences could play a major role in determining what you get for the money you push out.

So without further ado, here is a quick checklist to help you better determine which kind of Android TV stick will best work for your needs:

Step 1: Know Your Options: Brand Versus White-label

The very first thing you need to do is shop around for sellers and vendors of Android TV dongles. Most people start with branded models since they’re familiar with the brands, but it will be worth your time to consider off-brand and white-label TV sticks. This is especially true if you manage to find wholesalers that sell white-label kits, since these come straight from the factories – meaning lower prices for equivalent device specifications.

Step 2: Identify Your Needs

Ask yourself what you imagine yourself doing with your new Android TV kit. Do you want to watch movies and streaming video? Do you want to play games? Do you want to get some work done? Do you want to complete your library of Android-powered gadgets? List your needs down, as this will help you reach a decision once you’ve considered all the other factors.

In case you want a portable computer for work, you might consider Windows OS based TV sticks. Thus, the OS is definitely something you should also look into.

Step 3: Compare Core Specs

Version of Android, CPU, processor speed, RAM, internal memory, external memory support. These are the core specifications that will determine how fast your Android-powered TV works, as well as how many apps and files you can access at a time. Better specs mean higher price tags though, which is something worth keeping in mind when comparing the specs of smart television sticks powered by Android.

In case you think the specs aren't impressive enough, then look into Android TV boxes instead of sticks. Boxes aren't that portable, but they are packed with more horsepower.

Step 4: Check Connectivity

First you have the ports: USB, micro USB, HDMI and similar ports will determine what other devices can physically connect to your Android TV stick. SD card and Micro SD card slots will determine the external storage capabilities. Wi-Fi antennas will let you connect to wireless internet access points, whileBluetooth will determine whether or not wireless devices will be detected by your Android-powered TV stick. Again, expect to pay more for increased connectivity options.

Step 5: Identify Power Sources

Identify Power Source – some Android smart TV sticks draw power from the USB slots of your television set, while others require an external power supply in the form of DC or AC adapters. USB-powered sticks are more compact and portable, while externally-powered sticks tend to be faster and more capable than their USB-powered counterparts.

Step 6: Examine Box Content

Manuals, power adapters, cables, remotes, headsets – some Android TV stick kits come with various accessories, while others stick to the bare essentials. The more functionality you want out of your TV stick, the more accessories you’ll need.

Step 7: Look Out for Extra Benefits

Warranties, quality control seals, certifications, advanced customer support, bulk order discounts, worldwide shipping, multiple language support – these and other extra benefits could help sweeten the deal and justify the expanded price tags of some kits. This principle works for other Android gadgets out on the market, with Android TV sticks being no exception.

Keep this handy checklist on hand, and it’ll help you make a smarter, more informed choice as you shop around for Android TV sticks!

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