How to Do Rubicks Cube Patterns

Introduction: How to Do Rubicks Cube Patterns

I was searching Instructables for a Rubik’s cube tutorial for making different patterns like the ones pictured.

I found nothing, and I decided to make my own instructions.

This Instructable will show you the patterns needed to make your own patterns on the elusive “cube”. Go to step one to start!

Step 1:

This step is about the top face.

If you don’t understand how the cube works, this will be harder to do.

First thing I will note here is that the FIRST TWO pictures is a properly completed top face. The SECOND TWO photos is not, (notice that all the sides of the top face match up).

To complete the top face, not only do you have to have all colors you want on top but you also have to have the 4 sides color coordinated.

There are no patterns to use on the top face so there is nothing to say here! Go to step two to learn what the abbreviations are Go to step three to start the middle row.

After you have decided the pattern you want to make you will know what needs to go onto the top face.

Arrange the pieces on top and then go to the next step.

Step 2: Algorithms.

BL = bottom layer left BR

= bottom layer right RD = right side down RU = right side up LD = left side down LU = left side up TL = top left TR = top right HL = horizontal left HR = horizontal right (horizontal is the middle layer) VU = vertical up VD = vertical down FR = face right FL = face left the faces are the hardest to remember, to do a face right you will need to turn the face clockwise; to do a face left you will turn the face counter clockwise.

Step 3: Putting the Algorithms to Use.

This is where the patterns start.

When you have figured out the design you want on the cube you can start this pattern on the middle of the cube.

Use the "T" pattern to move the middle pieces into place.

What you are going to do is hold the cube like in the first photo and decide the pattern you will use, if the bottom piece of the “T” has for example blue and orange on it that piece will need to go to the right, if it has blue and red it will need to go to the left.

To do the right pattern you will follow these instructions: BL-RD-BR-RU-BR-FR-BL-FL

To do the left pattern you will need to follow these instructions: BR-LD-BL-LU-BL-FL-BR-FR

If you get to the stage where there is no way to make a “T”, you either have 1. Completed the middle layer or you will 2. Have a piece in the wrong corner.

If you have a piece in the wrong corner you will have to move it you will have to do either the left or right pattern in accordance to where the piece is, if it is on the right side you will have to do a right sequence and vice versa on the left. Once you have the second layer complete you can move on to the third layer, the bottom layer.

Step 4: The Last of the Patterns!

Second layer is now solved; hold the cube with the unsolved layer on top.

When you look at the yellow layer ask this question; are all the corners in place?

If not you will have to do this pattern; LU-TR-LD-FR-TL-FL-LU-TL-LD-TR-TR

Before you start this pattern you will have to orientate the cube so the two wrong corners are to the left and right of you, the corner switch pattern switches the two closest corners to you.

Keep doing the corner switches until you have the corners in place, NOTE the corner switch ONLY switches the corners, you will need to do the corner orientation to make the corner pieces go in the right DIRECTION.

Still hold the cube with the incomplete face on top and then look at the corners ask yourself this question; what corners need to be turned?

If only three corners need to be turned you are in luck, you should only have to do the corner orientation once, and the corner orientation works in this pattern: "Г" Here is the corner orientation pattern; LU-TR-LD-TR-LU-TR-TR-LD-TR-TR It orientates three corners at once; I suggest messing around with this pattern to find out exactly what it does.

When the corners are in the right position and pattern you will need to work on the sides, To do this you will need to find out what sides need switching, (in most cases they will need to be switched).

The sides pattern (VU-TR-VD-TR-TR-VU-TR-VD) works in a triangle, the three pieces move around in a clockwise triangle pattern, I suggest you do the sides pattern with a completed cube to find out what happens, if you decide to do the sides pattern there is no need to do it in reverse to re-complete the cube, you just need to do it another two times, like the corner orientation, the pattern works in 3’s.

If you complete all but two sides and the pattern looks like an “H” or a capital “i” you will need to do this pattern: RD-HL-RD-RD-HL-HL-RD-TR-TR-RU-HR-HR-RU-RU-HR-RU-TR-TR Before you do the pattern you will need to orientate it so it looks like a capital “i”.

When you do all that, you should have a completed cube!! If you don’t have the cube completed like you wanted it, I suggest you mess around with the patterns so you can see what they do.

Thanks for reading, if you liked it please share this with your friends!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I wish I had learned how to solve a Rubin cube, before you made this instructable all I knew is that I had to do something with a corner. Thanks man, I really appreciate this!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks I didn't know you made that one also.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, I hope you like it!

    You should check out my channel at the opening of the papercraft contest for more awesome projects!

    Please share this around to all those you know!