Introduction: How to Draw a Horse's Face

Things you'll need Colored pencils(optional), Pencil, Paper, Hands

Step 1:

Draw two circles one medium sized and one small as shown above. Connect the two circles as shown.

Step 2:

Draw the neck of the horse as shown. Horses have a muscular neck so make sure it's broad enough. Now erase the circles so it looks like the pic above.

Step 3:

Draw the nostril and mouth. Next draw two triangles (ears) and then draw a line from the tip of the ear to the top of the head(the arrows point to the lines in the pic). Now draw the eye and color in the pupil.

Step 4:

Now draw in the mane. You can make it short,long, wavy,straight however you want. Now color your horse's face in. Get creative with coat colors and mane colors. I'm eager to see what you guys come up with! Please leave a comment with a pic of your drawing. Thanks for reading! Please favorite and leave comments! :)