Introduction: How to Draw Kokonut the Dog

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Hello again fellows! It's Sky Productions again (for the third time today!)! Yes I know you guys are sick of me, but anyways, Kokonut is a dog. He befriends Sky the dog but is quite mysterious. No one can ever tell what side he's on- good or evil? Besides that, he's such an adorable pup!

Step 1: Supplies

All you will need is...

-pencil with eraser
-markers or colored pencils

Step 2: In Real Life!!!

The mysterious character, Kokonut, is based off of my best friend's dog (his username on Instructables racechisholm make sure to check him out!). The cartoon and the real dog share the same name, characteristics, and cuteness!

Step 3: ON With His Head

Since this drawing is a bit more complex then usual, sketch really lightly before making it darker. First draw a half circle. Then, curve down to make a muzzle and bring the lines upwards to form a smile. Next, make small, sharp spikes under the mouth for the teeth. To make the nose, draw half of a triangle towards the top and front of the muzzle. Now, we will make his fluffy "beard" by making the chin a bit sharp and then curving up on the face so the muzzle looks separated from the actual head.

Step 4: Ears and Eyes

The ear is quite simple actually! Just make a short line on the top of the head. Then, make two lines that look like a fat thorn sticking off of the first line. To connect the ear to the head, draw a final short line from the middle of the "thorn" to the head. Now for the eyes. Draw half of a circle in the center of the head. Doodle a small dot in the eye for a pupil.

Step 5: Toblerobe

For Kokonut's robe, draw a long, droopy, bean-looking shape. Then just draw a small line where the neck ends and the robe starts.

Step 6: Limbs

The tail is the simplest part of this whole cartoon. Just draw a thin spike coming from the dog's rump. For the legs, draw the lines exactly like the picture.

Step 7: Outlining and Coloring

Outline your drawing with your pencil, so the lines are very dark. Now you need to take out your markers. Color Kokonut's face, ears, tail, and legs brown. Color his robe black. Color his muzzle a mixture of white a grey.

Step 8: Done!

Now you can have mysterious adventures with Kokonut! Remember to follow me and racechisholm for some awesome Instructables. Also, check out my other Sky the Dog tutorials!