Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Crane

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You will need: •One piece of paper (origami or lined) •OPTIONAL-scissors

Step 1: Fold Paper Into a Square

If you have lined paper, grab the right hand corner of your paper, and fold it to the left hand side as shown. Fold the bottom up to the bottom of the previous fold, and crease with yor nail. Rip/cut off this excess piece.

Step 2: Fold Guide Lines

Unfold the triangle so that you have a square. Fold the bottom right hand corner to the top left hand corner. Crease with you nail, then unfold. Fold the bottom up to the top and then crease, then unfolD and do the opposite.

Step 3: Begin Folding Bird Base

Fold the square back into a triangle, then fold the left hand corner to the right hand corner. Flip, then fold the bottom left hand corner in half. Crease all folds.

Step 4: Finish Folding Bird Base

Fold bottom of flap up to the purple line shown. Then fold into the sides of the bird base.

Step 5: Fold Wings, Head, and Tail

I don't know how to explain the folds, so Follow the pictures. I hope you enjoyed this post :).